Ariel Pocock

22-year-old jazz pianist and vocalist Ariel Pocock has released her debut album, Touchstone, consisting of fresh and innovative arrangements featuring her “sinewy jazz piano and breezy, achingly plain-spoken vocal chops” (Paul DeBarros, Seattle Times) and an all-star band, featuring Larry Grenadier, bass, and drummer Eric Harland. Brilliant young guitarist Julian Lage is also featured on several duets, as well as innovative saxophonist Seamus Blake. “Though Pocock sings and plays traditional jazz repertoire — “Devil May Care,” “All the Things You Are,” “When I Fall in Love” — she is careful to honor more recent work as well… A for-real jazz player, Pocock evokes the mysterious mixology of Thelonious Monk, the clear springs of Keith Jarrett, and Bill Evans’ oceanic yearning…The public will definitely want to hear Ariel Pocock.” (Seattle Times)

“Touchstone” introduces Pocock as an equally capable vocalist and pianist. Available on, iTunes, and Amazon.